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This cleaning way helps remove ugly stains, mold, mildew, dust and other kinds of elements built up onto the side of your home or business.

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Pressure Washing Services

The Reliable Pressure Washing Service in Lakeport, CA

Professional Pressure Washing Services

Are you looking for a reliable pressure washing service? Perhaps you want to have your driveway or patio pressure washed? Whatever the case, Steve's Mobile Pressure Washing is the company you should choose for the job. We are conveniently based in Lakeport, CA, and here is more about what we offer.

Our Services

Driveway Pressure Washing

Driveway Pressure Washing

Probably visible from the road, the driveway functions as the entrance to your home. It is self-evident that looks play a significant role in property value. If your driveway is discolored and has unattractive blemishes, people may assume that your entire property is in disrepair or inadequately maintained. With driveway cleaning, stains, and substances are eliminated, leaving the entire surface immaculate.
Fence Pressure Washing

Fence Pressure Washing

Debris and dirt can eat away at wooden fence posts and railings over time, rendering them feeble and insect-vulnerable. Even vinyl fencing can be compromised. Regular pressure washing can preserve wooden posts and railings and maintain the optimal appearance of vinyl. It is incredible what a thorough cleansing can do for a fence. A freshly pressure-washed fence will appear years younger, and a fence that has been maintained will last longer.
Sidewalk Pressure Washing

Sidewalk Pressure Washing

Although power washing your sidewalk may make it look cleaner and more appealing, it is not the only reason to do so! Mold and mildew can grow on dirty sidewalks, causing tripping and falling injuries. It's also a good idea to get rid of mold near your home because you don't want it to get too close or spread into your home or air ducts. Furthermore, stains can degrade your sidewalk's surface, so cleaning the elements that have become embedded in its surface can help it survive longer and look better.
Deck Pressure Washing

Deck Pressure Washing

Conventional cleaning techniques require a great deal of time when applied to a home's veranda and other exterior spaces. A deck cannot be swept, mopped, or vacuumed in the same manner as other floors. The exposure of your deck to the elements differs from the deterioration of interior surfaces. Without pressure washing, you would have to scour the deck by hand to achieve the best results. With pressure washing, we can achieve the same results in a fraction of the time.
Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal

For the removal of the most stubborn graffiti, the pressure washer relies on sandblasting, a technique developed for the treatment of metals before painting that involves spraying microscopic particles of powder on the metal surface to roughen it and improve the paint's adhesion. Similarly, micro-powder is used to clean plastic, metal, wooden, and masonry surfaces of smog, and grime, as well as ink and paint, as in the case of graffiti.
Siding Cleaning

Siding Cleaning

Mold and mildew are especially susceptible to growing on wood siding. In addition to diminishing the value of your home and neighborhood, this growth can also cause damage to your exterior. Mold, algae, and mildew may be more noticeable during the rainy seasons because there is more moisture in the air. If left untreated, this growth can cause damage to wood, paint, and even cement. Mold can also cause health issues for the inhabitants of a home.  
Pool Deck Pressure Washing

Pool Deck Pressure Washing

Hire a professional to clean your pool deck with a pressure washer to prevent debris from entering your pool. Your pool deck is an area where leaves, dirt, and other debris can collect, and the wind can easily carry them into your pool. Thankfully, a pressure washer can remove all of these contaminants from your pool deck, including stains, built-up food, deceased insects, and more. This helps you maintain not only the aesthetics of your pool deck but also its cleanliness and sanitization.
Roof Pressure Washing

Roof Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing team utilizes cutting-edge techniques to clean your roof, extending its lifespan and saving you money on expensive replacements. A professionally cleaned roof can increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell. We use specialized cleaning agents that will not damage the surface of your roof. A soiled roof can cause energy costs to skyrocket. Our team will thoroughly clean your roof so that you can significantly reduce these expenses.
Shopping Center Pressure Washing

Shopping Center Pressure Washing

Your commerce center will receive more favorable first impressions if its exterior is clean. In addition, maintaining the sidewalks and walkways clean will boost the curb appeal immediately. People will feel at ease visiting and spending time here. Therefore, it is essential to make a positive first impression to entice customers through your doors. Algae and moss developing in damp areas around your property are eliminated by pressure washing. Additionally, it reduces corrosion or deterioration caused by avian droppings, mold, and dirt.
Church Pressure Washing

Church Pressure Washing

There is much more to cleaning than removing grime from a church. With dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of people using your facilities on a daily or weekly basis, you need a consistent staff to maintain its appearance. Leading businesses cover employee compensation, liability insurance, and other benefits, so you do not have to manage these costs or janitorial staff. If you select a reputable church cleaning service, their price should include all commercial-grade cleaning supplies and equipment.

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I required the professional services of a house pressure cleaning company, and I am pleased with the result this one delivered. They did everything flawlessly. I highly recommend them to anyone in need!

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Professional pressure cleaning

The Benefits

Pressure washing has grown in popularity as a means of cleaning several residential and commercial surfaces. Pressure washing is a versatile cleaning process that can be used to disinfect patios, walkways, and housing exteriors. Many real estate specialists recommend pressure washing to improve a property’s curb appeal and asking price. Pressure washing can remove salt and grime from concrete pavements, which would otherwise cause the surface to deteriorate. Pressure cleaning may be the answer if you want to save time and money by avoiding deck replacement. It is one of the most successful methods of extending the life of these structures.

How We Work

We provide our clients with superior commercial & residential pressure washing services and much more, using only high-quality tools, equipment, and great precision. We work hard to fully meet the unique needs of our customers. Become one of them today!

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Are you looking for a professional company in Lakeport, CA that does a great job providing its clients with an affordable pressure washing service? If you are anywhere in the area, Steve's Mobile Pressure Washing is the business that you should choose. Contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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